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Other Awards

WAATI members are frequently recognised by other associations, such as the MLTAWA, PTCWA and the AFMLTA.

Nadia Civia - 2016 - PCTWA Outstanding Professional Service Award




Fulvia Valvasori – 2015 – AFMLTA Certificate of Merit


Fulvia Valvasori (MLTAWA) and Greg Dabelstein (MLTAQ) were presented with AFMLTA Certificates of Merit at the AFMLTA Conference in recognition of their dedicated and professional service to the AFMLTA and their local MLTA over an extended period.


MLTAWA Hilde Dixon Awardees and Finalists


Fulvia Valvasori      2006

Angela Signorile     2008

Esther Blood          2014


Bianca Petale          2015


Bianca Petale, MLTAWA President (2015) Fulvia Valvasori and Jieqi Zhang


Lina Andrews         2009

Lynne Rockliff        2010 and 2011

Angela Velettri      2011

Bianca Petale          2012


Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia (PTCWA) Awardees

Fulivia Valvasori                2007

Angela Signorile               2008

Lina Andrews                    2010

Nathan Harvey                 2011 (for MLTAWA)

Fulivia Valvasori                2012 (for MLTAWA)

Nadia Civa                        2013 (for MLTAWA)

Bianca Petale                    2013

Lynne Rockliff                  2015

 pctwaLanguage Awardees and supporters at PTCWA Awards with Peter Collier, Minister for Education (2015)