Paula O’Donnell receiving the 2019 Exemplary Teacher Award


In 2016 the dream of the Immediate Past President of WAATI, Fulvia Valvasori, has finally been realised. As a very highly respected and competent teacher, whose ardent passion for the Italian language and culture and the mentoring of teachers of Italian has spanned over many decades, it is only apt and fitting that this innovative award be a part of her legacy and contribution for her dedicated 12 years as President and 29 years as a committee member of the Western Australian Association for teachers of Italian.

The recipient of the award is or has been a teacher of Italian who has a strong focus, not only on the teaching of the Italian language, but is a teacher who with a passion for pastoral care, sharing his/her expertise and skills, with both the students he/she teaches and also with his/her peers.  The awardee will be a teacher who is committed to making a positive difference in the teaching of Italian and to ensure that other teachers are mentored accordingly to provide a vibrant Italian programme in schools and in the wider community.

The awardee will have not only been an outstanding leader of languages at the school level, but will have also served on various committees catering for the teaching of Italian.

2019 Nominees- Colleen Barclay, Paula O’Donnell, Marissa Forgione and Pina Zingales (absent)

The Award

The WAATI Exemplary Teacher Award is one of the highest honours bestowed on a teacher of Italian in WA and recognises and congratulates excellence in the teaching of Italian AND involvement in WAATI. The award, presented annually, consists of a trophy and a certificate accompanied by a monetary award of $500. This amount is to be reviewed by the WAATI Committee annually

2018 Recipient of the Exemplary Teacher Award ~ Laura Bava

The Process

Stage 1 – Nomination

Principals, teachers, colleagues, community members and professional associations may nominate a suitable person. 

  • The nomination must address all selection criteria (listed below) and should not exceed 1000 words.
  • The nominee must be a current financial member of WAATI and have completed a minimum of 3 years continuous membership of MLTAWA and WAATI at the time of the application.
  • The cover page should be attached and signed by two nominating people, one of whom must be a current member of WAATI.
  • The names of two referees and their current contact details must also be provided.
  • The nomination must be endorsed by the nominee’s employer/Principal – either as Nominator, Seconder or Referee.
  • More than one nomination can be made.

Selection Criteria (To be completed by those nominating)

The recipient of the WAATI Award will or has:

  • demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the teaching and learning of Italian;
  • demonstrate a commitment to the welfare and inclusion of all students;
  • demonstrate a nurturing nature and significant contribution to other Italian teachers in the profession (eg. teacher development, mentorship, professional association involvement, district or regional networks, involvement in other organisations with a language interest) and
  • demonstrate involvement with and service to WAATI.

Stage 2 – Further Information

On receipt of the completed nomination forms nominees will be contacted by the President and invited to submit a Professional Background Information Form – which will give further insight to the career of the nominee and a photo of themselves which they are willing to have published on the website, etc.

Any information provided in these forms may be used by the WAATI Management Committee for purposes of promotion and in order to celebrate the award e.g. Website.

Stage 3 – Voting

The WAATI Exemplary Teacher Award Selection Panel will convene and select the finalists from whom one winner will be decided.

The selection panel is comprised of the President, the President Elect/Immediate Past President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Awards Coordinator of the WAATI Management Committee.

If one of the panel has been nominated, then an alternative committee member will replace them on the panel. The panel will appraise each application against the selection criteria.

The decision of the selection panel will be final. 

A maximum of one award will be made each year.

Stage 4 – Presentation

The President will invite ALL finalists to be guests of WAATI at the AGM, where the finalists will be presented and the winner announced.

Nominations Closing Date: 2020 TBC

The completed nomination form (will be available late 2020) must be emailed to:

Please consider nominating someone for this award to recognise their contribution to Italian education in Western Australia.

Last modified: March 18, 2020